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New technology company receives positive feedback after first video release

After releasing its first video, it appears the Karma Clutch “return and reward” system that protects lost valuable items, is beginning to spread good karma. Numerous people have joined the Karma Clutch community, and receiving one-year of protection for one of their valuables.

To kick-off their awareness campaign, the new Irvine-based company recently released a video depicting various reasons why having Karma Clutch protection on your devices and valuable personal items makes sense. It also revealed the world’s first “Return & Reward” system which offers pre-set rewards for people who return Karma Clutch protected items back to their owners. The rewards range from: cash prizes, product incentives, and most importantly, good karma itself.

"After getting tons of positive feedback, we are extending our 1-year free protection plan for the next 1,000 people that join our community."

Brian Eaton, Creative Director

“After getting tons of positive feedback, we are extending our 1-year free protection plan for the next 1,000 people that join our community.” said Brian Eaton, creative director for Karma Clutch.

Some reports estimate 70% of people have lost a device, averaging 1.24 items a year and an average cost of $220.15 per lost item. This is an over-all inconvenience adding even more stress due to the loss of sentimental value and data. Another research study reports that only 5% of lost items are actually returned to their owners.

Karma Clutch aims to solve that problem and offer a simple universal solution that people can be proud to be a part of. Karma Clutch will be offering retail products with embedded protection in addition to special holograms and tags with unique identification codes that are stored in the database upon registration. These tags are to be attached/adhered to personal items.

This virtual security system alerts those subscribed to the Karma Clutch protection program via text, email and mobile app push notifications once a lost item has been found. Then, the “Return & Reward” system helps re-connect a lost item with its owner and at the same time, spreading good karma.

“We encourage more people to help spread the word about Karma Clutch. Anyone can offer their support by simply liking or following our social media pages, sharing our content and joining the Karma Clutch community. Eaton said “Big things are coming. Be excited. The more people that join our community…the more good Karma we can spread to the world.”

Please visit www.KarmaClutch.com to join the Karma Clutch community and subscribe to get 1-year free protection for 1 item.


Karma Clutch

2151 Michelson Dr. 

Suite 136B, Irvine, CA 92612

United States

(949) 202-4342



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