AllGreen was forged from a passion to help businesses succeed, offering a custom tailored growth-map to meet each business’ profile.  Founders Brian Eaton and Sara Nash have complimentary backgrounds that created the need to develop AllGreen, a unique one-stop-solution for all business financing needs. 

A consummate entrepreneur, Eaton honed his skills at marketing and sales working with large and small businesses through the lessons of their failures and successes. While reeling from his hardest business setbacks during the economic apocalypse of 2008, Eaton was followed by a horrific lawsuit in 2010 due to affiliation of predatory subprime mortgage lenders. In early 2012, Eaton started his next entrepreneurial venture in a creative digital marketing firm; shortly after, Brian was assailed with Guillan-Barré syndrome, a rare neurological disorder that paralyzed him from head to toe.  Eaton was a permanent resident of the ICU at Mission Hospital for 139 days. He’ll always send special gratitude and love to the angels who saved his life on many occasions. Fighting through the toughest challenge of his life, Brian resolved to pursue his education in business as soon as he got better—a promise he kept good on by receiving his Masters in Marketing a year after his hospital release.

Sara Nash grew up on the East coast to a family of entrepreneurs; spending every summer helping on her parents’ blueberry farm and her grandparents’ automobile manufacturing company. Nash’s humble upbringing and fearlessness of hard work guided her path. After she graduated high school, Sara began working for Bank of America while completing her undergraduate degree. Nash graduated Magna Cum Laude with an International Business Administration degree from Marist College. Upon graduation, Bank of America offered a management position in Laguna Beach, California. Nash packed up what would fit in her sedan and set course westward. During her tenure at the financial conglomerate, Nash learned the inner workings and intricacies of credit and corporate finance – though she longed to help smaller businesses, like those of her parents, achieve greater success. After acclimating to the Southern California lifestyle, Nash decided it was time to pursue her next challenge – her own entrepreneurial endeavor.

When Nash and Eaton met, the groundwork was ripe for them to form the joint venture they’d envisioned, but never realized until now – a company that leverages a strategic network of lending partners to offer businesses a comprehensive solution for:

Loans, customer financing, credit growth and access to working capital, enabling growth and sustainability.
They called it AllGreen.